Evolving Achievements: What Savvy Women Know

Throughout my journey of personal development, I’ve realized that great achievements are comprised of a series of small steps, efforts and actions that have evolved over time into what are often perceived as big, notable achievements.

As a woman who is very passionate and ‘obsessed’ with her personal development, I would describe myself as overly ambitious, and often times frustrated by anything that resembles status-quo living. Just like you, I’ve had the tendency to want ‘more’, or ‘different’ in my life now, as opposed to later.

Interestingly, we live in a culture in which we are continually bombarded by success stories in the media that misrepresent how people actually achieve their goals.

We typically hear about the “rags to riches” stories of a people making millions of dollars in the marketplace, turning a home-based business into a multi-million dollar company, suddenly becoming a famous actress, and so forth.

The media always focuses on the end-result of the journey, – the destination. No one ever hears about the complex journey that often times comes before.

This is not to say that huge achievements cannot happen within a short period of time, because they can, and they do. For most people however, achievement is something that evolves and grows with time.

The journey is not about a race, it’s about setting and sticking to your own pace. My personal motto has always been, “one step a day is the only way!”

As you approach your goals remember to exercise patience. If you’re obsessed and passionate about your personal development, you’re probably quite busy working toward your goals, and, probably feeling quite inpatient.

One of the side effects to being a savvy, ambitious woman who is overly passionate about her achievement, is something called cognitive dissonance. While creating cognitive dissonance is necessary to make your goals a reality, it can also make your life a living hell if you aren’t careful.

Once you create a clear, detailed picture of your dreams, things can get pretty hectic. You constantly think, talk and act on your goals consistently. As a result, even though you haven’t achieved your goal, in some small way it feels like it has already happened, and that it is already a reality.

The only problem, is that it hasn’t happened yet, and there is a gap between your current reality and your expectations. This is called cognitive dissonance. While experiencing this gap ensures you stay motivated and in action, if you’re not careful you can become quite impatient and frustrated with yourself.

In my own experience, I’ve described this feeling as exploiting my intellectual and spiritual resources, and feeling empty inside. There have been times where I’ve felt quite productive and proud of my efforts, yet it came at the expense of living unconsciously.

Remember the story of the tortoise and hare? Slow and steady will win the ‘race’. It’s about being consistent, and developing the habits that will make your dreams a reality! As much as your passion might be your strength, it can also be your Achilles heal. There is wisdom in knowing when it is time to make leaps and strides versus when it is time to stick to your ‘baby steps’.

Think about some of your character qualities that you are proud of. You probably didn’t become a different person overnight, but rather you honed and developed your character over time. Think about some of the most meaningful things you’ve accomplished in your lifetime. How did they unfold? Was it suddenly, within a few days, months or even years?

Regardless of whether you are at a point in your life where you are taking baby steps, leaps or great strides, and regardless of how quickly you take those steps, – remember this:

Your journey to achieving your dreams is a process as opposed to a single event that happens ‘overnight’.

No doubt that as a busy, savvy woman, there will be times when you will need to take comfort in knowing that you are moving forward, period. Sometimes, baby steps are good enough.

Each step you take toward your dreams, is a step forward. Move toward your dreams with confidence, power and pride. Step forward consciously, and enjoy the journey!



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