Secret Ingredient to Publishing 3 Books in 1 Year

As a first year Ph.D student, I am a very busy woman. Nevertheless, I managed to publish 3 books this year.  People ask me, – “how did you find time to do that this year when you are already so busy?”


Regardless of what your goals are – I can’t underscore the following point –


The most important ingredient to achieving your big goals is not will power.


Don’t get me wrong, of course there was lots of hard work involved in the planning, writing and publishing of my books.


What’s more important though, is discovering what your passion is. The secret is to get in touch with your life purpose.  My personal experience and research have taught me that once you know what excites you and interests you, then you can begin clarifying what you want to write about.


If you can’t identify what your passions are, be sure to try my free online goal setting program to brainstorm your interests, and to prioritize which interests are most important to you.


In a nutshell, I was able to publish three books in one year, simply because I know what I’m passionate about, and I have a clear vision of what I’m trying to achieve with my life purpose. Indeed, this is an over-simplified answer, but it’s the most important element to being able to accomplish your writing goals, or any other goal for that matter.


Without passion, there is little to no energy and enthusiasm. If you have big goals for yourself, you’ll need a lot of energy and excitement to make it happen. When you’re full of zeal and high off the prospects of what you hope to offer the world, you won’t think of the accomplishment of your goals as something that has required tons of will power.


Despite being a full-time Ph.D student and having many tasks on my plate, I am able to accomplish so much with my writing because it’s always in the forefront of my mind. Given my passion for psychology – I am constantly inundated with ideas, insights and plans for what I want to communicate with others.


I am writing outlines on my phone, conducting research as I find a few extra spare minutes here and there. When you’re passionate about something, the actual action and doing is something that seems to flow with ease. Yes, planning and will power have its time and place. But when you’re working on a goal that excites you, it doesn’t always feel like hard work.


Hard work and will power only takes a person so far in their endeavours. It won’t be enough to pick you up after failure. It won’t motivate you to keep moving forward in the dark. It won’t motivate you to be your personal best. It won’t keep you resilient against other peoples’ criticisms. It’s your dream, vision and personal passion that will be the driving force behind keeping you committed to the accomplishment of your goals.


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