How to Break Your Afternoon Coffee Break

How does one break their afternoon coffee break? That’s what I had been wondering a few months ago when I was doing some serious brainy work in a little office. Well – here’s my personal story on how I did it…


On average I used to drink one to two cups of coffee per day. I’d usually buy a coffee first thing in the morning, and then often times, depending on how I felt, I’d grab another in the afternoon. I was noticing however, that when I drank coffee again in the afternoon I was becoming very dehydrated. Coffee is dehydrating on its own, and, the double whammy is that if you’re drinking coffee, you’re probably not drinking much water during that time.


I began to ask myself, “what’s motivating me to grab a second coffee in the afternoon?” Aside from thinking that I needed that second coffee to give me energy, I realized it was simply a habit. What was truly motivating for me was the physical act of getting up and going to purchase the coffee. This often involved a nice walk outside, and stimulating energy from the outside world. What I was really craving was a way of leaving my work and desk behind. However, because a lot of us associate taking a break with coffee, we have the status quo coffee break!


And so, I decided to experiment with new ways of taking breaks – the first being the walk break. Instead of walking to go purchase a coffee, I began walking for 10 or 15 minutes outside around the university grounds. It gave me just what I really craved – a chance to leave my desk, to move my body and to have some new and positive stimulation such as fresh air, watching people and taking in the beautiful scenery around me.


When I returned to my desk I simply resumed drinking my water and never noticed that I didn’t have my second coffee. In fact, walking was much more energizing and refreshing than drinking a second coffee in the afternoon.


The key to taking a satisfying break for me, was to be able to move my body and engage in something stimulating that wasn’t mental. In the end, I avoid my coffee, drink water instead, save a few bucks, get some exercise and feel more mental clarity than if I had carried on with my status-quo coffee break!


That’s my story on how I was able to break my afternoon coffee break. What about you? How might you experiment with a walk break to break your afternoon coffee break? Where will you walk? What time will you go? What will you need in place to make sure you try this?


Just remember – try it once or twice and if you don’t like it, you can always go back to drinking your second cup of coffee in the afternoon. I’d love to hear what works for you!

THIS is the BIGGEST Distraction in Your Life – Guaranteed!

What is the biggest distraction in your life?


Contrary to what you might think, it is not your iPhone, Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail or MSN account. What then is the biggest distraction for women?


The biggest distraction for women is that they lack a clear sense of focus in their lives. Not having a goal or big enough dream to inspire them to take action and become fully immersed in their lives leads them to being distracted with less important things.


You see, – distractions will always exist in our lives because it’s a normal part of life, and therefore we can only minimize our distractions at best. The difference between someone who is not productive versus someone who is productive, is that the latter person is productive despite their distractions because they have a crystal clear idea of their life vision, dreams and the tasks that they need to focus on in order to make those dreams become a reality.


Once you are focused on what truly matters to you, and once you have a sense of urgency about what you want to achieve, then distractions won’t be such a problem for you.


How can you identify your passion and find out what you should be focusing on? Click here to try my goal setting program or if you think you know what your goals are, then try prioritizing your goals to gain further clarity. Best of luck!