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Entrepreneurial Quotes for Women

The Best Entrepreneurial quotes for women by Michael E. Gerber (author of Awakening the Entrepreneur Within).


The Awakening I’m describing is the flashpoint where the entrepreneur within comes awake with the sudden seeing of an opportunity that he had never seen before. -Michael E. Gerber



One is either ready for it or not – that insight, that amazing prescient realization, that, as I call it, sudden seeing. When it comes up roaring – when the sudden joyous light breaks through the thick clouds of your unknowing-be available, be open to it. -Michael E. Gerber



I call these personal dreams “incremental dreams.” Incremental because when they are fulfilled we are now in need of other dreams to pursue to replace them. There is no end to them! They are the fuel that energizes our otherwise dispassionate lives. They are the promise at the end of our personal rainbow. -Michael E. Gerber



Yet even when we become the hero we dreamed about, even when we become the next Tiger Woods, it is never enough. The personal dream always disapoints us. It’s as though it was a prelude to life, not life itself.” -Michael E. Gerber



In time, doesn’t everything personal leave us longing for something else personal? That is why the awakened entrepreneur does not awaken to the personal dream, but rather to the impersonal one. -Michael E. Gerber



Unless your idea for a business exceeds anything you have ever imagined doing before, is bigger than anything you have believed yourself capable of before this moment, has the potential of transforming a large enough number of people’s lives in the world to make a huge difference in how the world works,…don’t do it. -Michael E. Gerber



People must begin to see that Dreaming…Intentional Dreaming…has the power to transform our relationships, and by so doing connect us with one another for the very first time. -Michael E. Gerber