Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur

Characteristics of the Successful Entrepreneur

#1: Passionate

Entrepreneurial women are very passionate! They love the work that they perform. As a result of having such a high level of interest in their career, they are extremely motivated. Having high interest and motivation is one of the best predictors of ‘job’ satisfaction.

If you haven’t figured out what your passion is yet, don’t worry! You’ll get there. Get started by completing step 1 in my goal setting and motivation program for women, where you can begin brainstorming your passions on paper

#2: Motivated

The characteristics of the successful entrepreneur always includes motivation. This means they are always motivating themselves as to what their next step is in their business and career. They are not lazy, they do not make a habit of procrastinating, and they certainly don’t need to always be accountable to someone else.

#3: A Sense of Urgency to Act

Entrepreneurial women are very action-oriented. They are always brainstorming, planning and thinking about what their next steps will be. Their desire to take action is experienced as a sense of urgency! When they get new ideas they feel a positive, urgent pressure to start taking small or big steps toward their goal right away.

If they can’t act for whatever reason, then their desire to act is always on their mind, naturally, until they do find a way to move forward with their goal or idea. In other words, their taking action is not experienced as a chore – it is experienced as a compelling and driving force to whip ahead with things as soon as possible. The urgency to act on your entrepreneurial ideas is a great test as to whether or not you are truly passionate about your business idea.

If the passion factor isn’t there, you won’t have that sense of urgency. If you lack that sense of urgency, you simply won’t be able to compete with your competitors. If you’re having trouble taking action for whatever reason, try completing step 7 in my goal setting and motivation program which focuses on how to take action.

#4: Creative and Innovative

Female entrepreneurs are mentally bombarded every single day by new ideas, perspectives and angles for how to provide new services or products. They are constantly carrying around notebooks or typing memo notes into their iPhones.

There is never a day for the entrepreneur in which a new and exciting idea doesn’t pop into her mind. In fact, one might say that women entrepreneurs live in the world of ideas and innovation, and that it is their fresh perspectives on things that drive them to offer new services and products. Successful women entrepreneurs are always looking for new ways to solve problems!

They love to think, and they often live in their mind, just as much as they love to act on what comes into their mind. However, successful women entrepreneurs know how to hone, focus and prioritize their many great ideas. This is key, because without this skill you are just another scatter brain anticipating a big dream.

#5: Focused

Entrepreneurial women are savvy at learning how to focus their efforts and prioritize all the wild and fun ideas that run through their minds. Chances are you have 10, 20, if not hundreds of great ideas for your entrepreneurial pursuits.

Prioritization = power. In fact, this concept is so important if you want to be known as a leader in your field. Get focused! If you’re wanting to assess whether or not you’re truly focused on the right business or entrepreneurial goals, be sure to complete step 2 in my goal setting and motivation program – how to prioritize your goals.

#6: Confident

Entrepreneurial women are very confident. Not because they were born that way, and not because they are arrogant, pompous or the like. Rather, their confidence is a natural result if knowing and believing in their passion. They are very confident that they are pursuing their purpose, calling or best career choice. They don’t doubt this.

When you are 150% confident that you are in the right field of work, it is amazing the doors and opportunities that will open for you. Why is this you wonder? In order to be a competitive entrepreneur, you need to take lots of calculated risks, and many of those risks will cost you money, time, energy and your reputation. No one takes these risks unless they are totally confident and certain that it is worth it. If you’re doing work that you aren’t sure you’re passionate about, you won’t be confident and you won’t believe in yourself. As a result there is no way that you’ll have the foresight and ability to take on risk.

So, in order to be confident – get your entrepreneurial career path nailed down – one that you have an abundance of passion for. It’s that simple, period.  The rest of the confidence will come with practicing the rest of your skills. But confidence to get involved as an entrepreneur? That is about having the passion in the first place. Confident women are ‘passionpreneurs’ at heart!

#7: Self-directed

Another characteristic of successful entrepreneurs is that they are their own leader. They don’t worry about following others but instead they choose to create and walk their own path. In fact, entrepreneurial women would never have to worry about following others, as they abhor following others. It’s too boring and routine for them.

Instead, they are excited to be self-directed, and they insist on creating their path in which they lead themselves. They don’t wait for others’ permission or approval to charge forward with their dreams.

When an entrepreneurial woman has passion, confidence, creativity and all these other characteristics, their self-directedness is simply an organic outcome.  They are voracious readers on their chosen specialty, always attending workshops, webinars, listening to audio programs and the like. They are often self-educated as well. Their learning process does not stop after high school, college,  or university. In fact, their pursuit of education is another factor that is experienced as a sense of urgency –  a sense of urgency to be like a sponge and soak up the latest research and information in their own field.

Are you self-directed? If you don’t feel that you are, it’s probably because you lack crystal clear goals and a vision for your career. Try beginning with step 1 of my goal setting program so that you can brainstorm your own list of goals. This is sure to pump some of that ‘self-directedness’ into your entrepreneurial soul!

#8: Resourceful

Entrepreneurs are resourceful. They don’t focus on the things and circumstances that they don’t have. Instead, they find alternatives and they get started with the resources that they do have. Savvy and smart entrepreneurial women don’t worry about getting things in perfect order before they begin.

They just get started right where they are, with what they have. For instance, perhaps you are concerned because you don’t have your own executive office set up. Start with a small office, or borrow someone else’s office space. Try working with a client via Skype or by distance. There are many ways to get started, so don’t let lack of money or resources hold you back. These resources will come in time.

#9: Appreciate Ambiguity

Entrepreneurial women are okay with not knowing where their next client or pay cheque will come from. They are okay with not knowing how they are going to launch their next product, or write their next book. They are okay with not knowing how to get their marketing started on a new campaign. Why is this? Because they trust that they can eventually problem solve and figure it out.

If they can’t figure it out then they will enlist the help of someone else who can figure it out such as a consultant, coach, marketing researcher, and so forth.  There is no tangible, concrete or structured career path for the entrepreneur, so you have no choice but to get used to ambiguity. You can too – it just will take some practice and exposure.

#10: Strategic

Smart business women are very strategic in their ploy.  They crave taking time to reflect and ponder new strategies, business plans, ideas and steps to ensure their success. They love to think, ponder, and find automated ways of acting on their environment that ensures their success. They seek methods that are reliable and often times proven, not trying to reinvent the wheel all on their own.

#11: Hard working and disciplined

Of course, they have a crazy work ethic. Not because they have to, but it is more a natural outburst that reflects their passion, sense of urgency and desire to provide the best customer service possible. Their brain is so active with ideas that they are continually acting to fulfill those commands.

This is especially notable in the beginning stages of an entrepreneur’s career, but it can change with new strategies that are put in place, e.g., hiring an assistant or someone else who can fulfill services.

#12: Persistence

This too is a given, but these women aren’t persistent because they feel that they should be. Instead, their persistence is a reflection of their love, passion and being drawn to the work that they do.  They wouldn’t know what it means to not persist. It just wouldn’t be an option. They have this automatic way of picking themselves back up again after ‘failure’, and charging forward. They don’t know any better.

When you find your calling, your life purpose and passion – why wouldn’t you persist with bringing that forward to the rest of the world?  However, if you are looking for a ways to stay motivated and to persist, then you’ll want to peak at step 4 of my goal setting and motivation program where you’ll learn about the power of positive motivation.