Importance of Goal Setting

The importance of goal setting is a very hot topic these days. We are always told to set goals if we want to be high achievers.

In fact, I’ll bet many people even take this advice for granted. After all, we hear it so much that we don’t know what to do with it.

If you want to start setting goals, but you are having difficulty getting motivated, then you need to the reasons for goal setting. Without knowing the benefits of setting a goal, you are unlikely to engage in any efforts or actions past the ‘dreaming’ stage.

This principle by the way, applies to any thing in life that you want. If you are lacking motivation, not following through, and not being persistent enough, than you need to step back, and write a list of all the benefits and positive consequences you will experience as a result of committing and working toward your goal.

Now you can see why a discussion on the importance of goal setting would not be complete without a list of the goal setting benefits! So, without further ado, here is a list of the benefits you will receive by setting goals.

Benefits and Importance of Goal setting

You’ve probably heard of the motivational quote, The road of ‘someday’ leads down the path to nowhere. Well, until you turn your dreams into smart goals, you are most likely headed down the path to nowhere.

And as the saying goes – that is not a place where you want to be! Especially if you are reading this website…

So, one way to think about the benefits of goal setting is that it gives you a clear, specific focus. The benefits of smart goal setting involves creating specific goals!

You cannot arrive at your preferred magical destination if you didn’t define one in the first place!

Think about all the important accomplishments that you achieved in your past. How did you achieve them?

I’m guessing that any important accomplishment first involved you identifying and getting specific about what it was that you wanted in the first place! You cannot take action steps toward any goal without first having a goal! Are you starting to see some of the benefits and importance of goal setting?

The Importance of Goal Setting and its Benefits

1. So, the first benefit of goal setting then, is getting clear on what you want. Here’s how and why this works. There is something in our brain, called our reticular activating system, and every time we write down a goal that we want to achieve, our reticular activating system creates an impression of this goal in our mind. This impression signifies the importance of the goal itself.

Then what happens is our brain does everything in its power to find evidence of this impression or goal in reality. Our brain begins to pay attention to information, resources, opportunities and people who can help us achieve this goal! Now we’re talking about the importance of goal setting…!

Think back to the last time you identified the new car you wanted to buy. After you went to the dealership to identify this car, and sign some papers, what did you notice next?

You probably became hypersensitive to noticing this car everywhere on the road! This is your reticular activating system hard at work!

The point of this, is to write down smart goals, so that your brain takes your goal seriously. Use the power and leverage of your mind! I love using this example to demonstrate the importance of goal setting and its benefits.

A similar example to illustrate the benefits of goal setting, is to think about your career development. As you moved through college or university, did you start to feel as though everyone and their brother was in your profession?

Did it seem as though everyone was after the same opportunities that you were?

Once again, this is because your reticular activating system is paying attention to all the resources and people that can potentially help you achieve your goal.

It’s not that everyone is in your profession, but rather, finally – you are paying attention to anything that can help you succeed in this profession.

The same will happen with goals in every area of your life. As you begin to work toward, and achieve new goals, you might begin feeling as though “so many people” are doing the same. Un-unh. No. You are just tapping into the power of your subconscious mind, and having it go to work for you!

2. Here is another great benefit that shows the importance of goal setting again. When you are actively writing down goals, it gives you a sense of control.

You are telling yourself, that you are actually committed to achieving this goal. Pardon the pun, but you aren’t just telling ‘yourself’ this, you are programming your brain, and putting in an order to make sure your goal becomes a reality! So, how can you not feel in control of your life when you do this?

3. Of course, when you feel in control of your life, your self-esteem is also likely to increase. How can you not feel good about yourself when you are in the driver’s seat turning your dreams into reality?

4. The importance of goal setting and its benefits, is that it gives you a LOT of momentum in your life. Like a snowball getting larger and larger, you begin to accumulate more and more accomplishments. This in turn creates a lot of unstoppable energy and leverage for you to begin taking all sorts of new actions.

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5. Overall, you will feel a greater sense of passion and excitement in your life. It’s sort of like being on a roller coaster ride, but you are in the driver’s seat making things happen! As you set and write down your smart goals it should make you feel thrilled that you are beginning a new commitment to what is important to you. You might have heard of the saying – half of success is simply showing up. Well this reminds me of my personal advice to you – half of success is writing down your goals!

I know in my own personal experience, simply identifying my goals gives me a lot of passion, zest and confidence. It sort of makes me feel like I am living on the edge. Yes, – again, sort of like riding a roller coaster non-stop!

Now, who wouldn’t want that kind of fun in their lives? Call me crazy but…

Here is my piece of advice to you!

Live on the edge, or go hide in the hedge! It’s your choice, but I’d rather live on the edge, and begin reaping the benefits of setting smart goals!

6. Last, but not least – the importance of goal setting can also be found in some classic research studies. Read these now!.

If you are smart, you will try to remember all the benefits you will reap if you set goals, because, as I said, the more positive reasons you have for doing something, the more likely you are to do it!

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