Peak Performance Coaching For Women

Achieving peak performance begins by obtaining a professional assessment of your career interests, personality preferences, skills and values. Sometimes this means examining your leadership styles and communication style also. Professional assessments will help you gain insight into your true purpose and authentic career identity.

Once you have a clear understanding of your talents, passions and clear goals for your life, only then can you begin working toward peak performance within your career, business, entrepreneurial, and infopreneurial pursuits. Taking time to cover these steps will help ensure that you:

  • Choose a career path with confidence that would be most satisfying and rewarding for you, and one that will make you a success!
  • Leverage your interests, skills and leadership style to maximize your performance in your current career
  • Develop more focus than ever to ensure that you stay on track with the goals that are most meaningful and important to you

  • Discover what your unique talents, passions, values and personality preferences are and how they are integral to your career success
  • Identify which types of jobs would suit you best so that you can drastically increase your career satisfaction and success while also minimizing your career frustration, stress and setbacks
  • Prevent yourself from spending unnecessary money on the wrong academic program or education
  • Stop wasting time in the wrong career, the wrong opportunities and the professional associations that aren’t a good fit for you based on your career goals.
  • Set goals and schedule concrete action steps to ensure that you don’t “keep on doing what you’ve always done”. Together we’ll create an action plan that will give you hope and momentum!
  • Position yourself to be more confident, achieve greater accomplishments and be better positioned for a competitive salary
  • Increase your inspiration, motivation, confidence and clarity on how to pursue any important career goal or entrepreneurial interest

Entrepreneurial and Infopreneurial Women

  • Ambitious women trying to decide on which big goals to set and work towards
  • Individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit faced with too many ideas about what to pursue and needing to narrow their options
  • Anyone who is in need of prioritizing their personal and professional projects and wants clarity on which pursuit would bring them the most satisfaction and success
  • Women looking to leverage their existing talents and success and break through their performance plateaus

Working Professionals and Executives

  • Professionals considering a career change or transition to a new job, and wanting to increase their confidence in eventually making the leap
  • Individuals who have recently lost their job and want to re-evaluate their course of action and/or consider a different career
  • Trying to decide on the most appropriate continuing education courses or to boost your personal and professional development plan
  • Retirees seeking a new career- one that will bring them increased job satisfaction and high quality of life


  • Undergraduate University/College Students who are choosing an academic program and career path and want to ensure that their money is well spent
  • Students who are contemplating graduate school and want to ensure their choice is appropriate along with the corresponding career paths
  • Recent graduates who are looking to identify a career they are passionate about as opposed to taking ‘just a job’

If you are a person wanting to identify, maximize and leverage your career passions, skills, personality preferences and values to ensure an excellent fit in your career than I can help you!

What’s included in your package will depend on what your specific goals and needs are, as well as the size of coaching package that you purchase.

  • Initial interview session to understand your needs, goals and personal situation
  • Assigned homework exercises
  • Assessments to be administered (access will be granted online).

Any of the following may be available to you based on need:

  • Career interests
  • Personality profile
  • Values
  • Leadership Style
  • Conflict Management
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Debrief and understanding of assessments
  • Review of traditional career path options
  • Brainstorming session to determine less common or creative approaches to finding meaningful work
  • How to conduct research and network to learn more about your options
  • Follow up coaching support and conversations around decision making and goal setting

My coaching style is flexible in that I work with clients via telephone, Skype, webcam, and email. Often times I use a combination of all methods depending on my client’s preferences.

You will work with a highly educated, professional counsellor who incorporates both strategic and evidence-based practices while also customizing solutions and thinking creatively about your unique situation. I guarantee that you’ll enjoy rich and meaningful conversations as I am skilled at seeing the big picture of your situation and I can offer you new perspectives in addition to the assessments and your own personal insights

BONUS: FREE 30 Minute Consult – No Obligation – Choose from below:





Are you wanting to learn more about my various coaching packages? Or are you wanting to speak with me to determine whether or not we’d be a good fit to work together? Regardless of what your needs are, I’ll offer you 30 minutes of my time for free! Also, if you’d rather have the consultation via email or instant messaging through Skype – this can be arranged as well. Send me an email at and we can arrange a time to talk.

1. Peak Performance ‘Pick Me-Up’ – 1 Hour – $97.00

This one hour coaching call is customized exactly to your needs. Need to review your strategic approach to your career or other life goals? Looking to develop more customized motivation? Trying to figure out what your true passion is? Look no further – this Peak Performance ‘Pick Me Up’ will be just what you need!

2. Peak Career Performance ‘at a Glance’! – 5 Hours only $397

This basic coaching package provides you with two foundational career assessments – one on your career interests and the other on your personality preferences.

  1. First we’ll spend 30 minutes on the phone to discuss the reasons you are wanting a professional assessment.
  2. Next you’ll receive an email with live links that will take you to two different websites to complete the two assessments online, in the comfort of your own home. Once completed, the results of those assessments will be emailed to myself.
  3. I will call or email you to schedule a second 90 minute appointment to review both the assessments and interpret what they mean.
  4. In your last appointment, we’ll have a 90 minute creative brainstorming session to make sense and meaning out of your next steps, career path options and goals.  You’ll walk away with some fresh perspectives on your next steps, guaranteed

3. Peak Career Performance – Finding Passion and Focus – 10 hrs – $897

This more extensive assessment and coaching package will focus on helping you find what you are truly passionate about. We’ll explore many options for your career or entrepreneurial pursuits. In addition, we’ll spend lots of time discussing how to prioritize and narrow down your interests and passions so that we can pinpoint the few areas that will benefit you the most!

Your coaching package will include all assessments needed, and a total of ten hours of support, the majority of which will be spent one on one.

4. Already have a Specific Goal? – (program and cost customized)

Do you have a specific goal that you know you are destined to achieve but you’re unable to break through your plateau? This coaching program is just what you need to reach your peak performance and break through your plateau. After reviewing your previous strategies to achieve your goals, we’ll also review your strengths and weaknesses. This program is very customized, however  typical clients need help developing customized motivation as well as help with strategically creating new beliefs, behaviours, and action-specific plans to help break through their plateau.

Your sessions are completely private and confidential. I do not discuss the work we do together with other professionals or with other clients who tell me that they know you. Likewise, if you are referred, I do not disclose any information about your or our sessions together.

Please contact me with any questions and/or to arrange a 30 minute free consultation so that we can discuss your situation.

If we both believe there is a good fit then we can begin working together. You can email me at or call my cell phone at 780-803-1825. I will do my best to respond to your message within the same business day.