Personal Development

There is a saying that if you’re not growing you’re wilting or dying. This is exactly how I feel when I’m not pursuing my personal development goals. In fact, after a few months of not reading juicy books, not listening to sexy audio programs in my car, and not journaling to reflect on what is happening inside myself, I actually get ‘the blues’! This is no joke.

For many women, it is their personal development goals that add meaning to their lives and provide a sense of something more.  Constant growth and development add purpose to our own lives, and inevitably, it adds value to the lives of others around us as well.

So, what are some examples of personal development goals? Let me share a few of my own goals as well as those of my clients and close friends. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what your own personal development goals are.

Examples of Personal Development Goals for Women

  1. To listen to audio books every morning on the way to work.
  2. To read for 20 minutes each night before falling asleep.
  3. To journal once a week for an hour to reflect on important issues or goals.
  4. To volunteer in a new organization, learning a new skill set.
  5. To learn a new language.
  6. To study the English language and learn new words.

These are just a few types of personal development goals for women, but there are many more. Pull out your own journal, and get started jotting down your goals. Also, if you haven’t completed the goal setting and motivation program for women, you should begin this now so you can attend to all your life goals, – not just your personal development goals.