Step 2: Prioritize Your Goals

Step 1: How to Set Goals
Step 2: Prioritize Your Goals
Step 3: Writing Goals Down
Step 4: Positive Motivation
Step 5: Negative Motivation
Step 6: Identifying and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
Step 7: Changing Habits and Behaviors


It’s time to prioritize your goals! By this point, you should have a long list of all the goals you’ve brainstormed on paper. If you haven’t yet done this, you must review the first step of how to set goals.


Obviously, all of your ideas and goals are important to you in some way, or you wouldn’t have written them down. Do you feel a bit scattered now, and perhaps a bit excited?


Do you ever get stuck on which goals you should focus your energy on? If so you need to prioritize your goals. Here is a list of 4 important reasons why you should prioritize your dreams and goals.


I know I have gotten stuck here many times before, and it’s been sooo frustrating! As a result of this, I’ve developed a list of totally cool goal setting questions that will help you identify a focus.


You’ve probably heard before, that the smarter you plan, the more successful you will become – and of course the more your life will flow, and the happier you will be!


Your job, is to figure out where to begin now. Which goals get you the most excited right now? Let’s go figure this out! Let’s find 3 different goals for you to focus on.


Prioritize Your Goals Now

Step 1

Prioritize your goals by rating each of them on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 symbolizing the goal is extremely important to you right now in this exact moment of your life, and 10 symbolizing that it is not a priority at all right now.


As you go throughout your list, you’ll find yourself also making comparisons in terms of which goals are more important relative to the others.









Step 2

Another way to prioritize your goals is by using a time forecast for each goal. Write down beside each goal the time by which you seriously would like to have accomplished your goal. This might give you an idea of what needs to be started right now. You might think in the following increments:

  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • 6 months
  • 1 year
  • 5 years
  • 10 years or more


Now, go back and review your list of goals with this information. Are there any patterns? What do you notice? If you did both exercises, which goals were rated as both highly important and and had very short timelines?


Perhaps you don’t like this linear approach to prioritizing your goals. Maybe, you are even one of those people who is turned off completely by the phrase ‘goal setting steps’.


Well, if you like to be creative, then I have an amazing set of powerful goal setting questions that are going to make things real clear, real fast! I hope you experience some of those crazy “ah-ha” moments during this exercise!


Got your notebook and a pen ready? I suggest you write down both these questions and their answers!


Questions to Prioritize Your Goals


1. Which goal(s) do I think about the most?


2. Which goal(s) would give me the most energy if I could commit to it now?


3. What accomplishments would make me feel the most proud of myself?


4. Which accomplishments can I take with me forever, and/or which accomplishments would seem the most permanent to me? Is this important to me?


5. In ten years from now, how important will the goal be to me?


6. Which goals are in line with my true values?


7. Which goals are fully within my control, and not too dependent on other people or circumstances?


8. Is this goal an external ‘should’ or an internal desire?


9. What do I have a sense of urgency to get on with right away?


10. If I could take action in spite of my fear, what might I want for myself right now?


11. Which goals give me a heavy or lethargic sensation when I think about them, and which goals give me a positive “rush” of endorphins when I think of them?


12. Which goals and their required efforts best fit into the “flow” or pace of my life? Which fit best within my current life context and/or circumstances?


So…did you make it through all of the questions? If you did, than all I have to say is WOW!


If you just skimmed these questions, and didn’t actually write down any answers, then they probably didn’t give you any big revelations!


Now, go back and review your goals, keeping in mind your answers to these questions. What did you discover? Did any light bulbs go off? If you still haven’t gained any clarity, you’ll need to come back to this exercise, over and over again to get a better of your values. Time always tells!


Your next step is to choose 1-3 goals (preferably 1 for now), for the purposes of continuing with the exercises in this goal setting program…Eventually, you will apply all of the goal setting steps to each of your top goals.


For now, choose 1 goal that you will “test drive” through the rest of my steps. Ready to learn about the power of writing goals down?


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Step 1: How to Set Goals
Step 3: Writing Goals Down
Step 4: Positive Motivation
Step 5: Negative Motivation
Step 6: Identifying and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
Step 7: Changing Habits and Behaviors