Tips for Goal Setting Steps

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Many women are goal oriented. This means that they have a driving force behind them that allows these women to get what they want. These women are set up for personal development goals. If you have sat up all night wondering about goal setting and achievement, then my book can help you out.
There are no set rules for setting goals, since all you need is an inquisitive mind and a passion to obtain them. This is not as easy as it sounds as those who have tried often fail. They fail because they have not followed their goal setting steps. Here are a few:

  • Independence – Women who are independent and forbid others to “take care” of them are the ones who meet their goals. They are strong-willed women who have found their way to success.
  • Struggles – Forget about life’s struggle; the one that has been holding you back all along because you are afraid to try. Getting away from the struggle can make you stronger in the long run.
  • Achievement – Success is knocking at your front door and always has been. The issue is that you just have not found it yet. Goal setting is the key to opening this door. All you need is the desire.

Don’t let failure hold you back from goal setting. This is the main reason why women don’t give it a chance to work for them. They end up giving up before it works for them. You’ll find ways to not give up in my book. Here are two main reasons:

  • Insecurity – Never feel like you are beneath anyone else as you are just as unique of an individual as anyone else.
  • Uncompassionate – You’re going to have to possess compassion before you are able to win big. Be a winner and jump at the chance.

Read my book today and discover a new you.

How to Get Motivated to Set Goals

ow to Get Motivated to Set Goals

There’s so much information out there in relation to “goal setting,” yet few people even really make it a goal to sit down and read this important data. If you are finally serious about learning more about goal setting steps, then make it a point to make your first task reading some of the important information about it such as this article.

Right away, you will probably realize that getting motivated to set goals can be the most difficult obstacle to overcome. Writing down your goal setting steps can actually help you to get more motivated to set more goals and start accomplishing them.

The reason for this is that committing even that first goal setting step to paper makes it begin to feel possible and real. Suddenly this isn’t just a crazy idea in your head but a real possibility for achieving your life dreams and following your passion. So, what if you really are just stuck at the getting started and lacking the motivation?

Steps to Try

If you’re reading this then you obviously want to try to get motivated to set goals and find your real life purpose. That can sound exciting but also a little overwhelming and even intimidating. So consider right now trying these steps:

  • Decide whether you would rather write out your goal setting steps on paper, a word document on your laptop or even a notepad on your electronic tablet – whatever works best for you.
  • If you really have trouble thinking of goal setting steps, start by jotting down rough ideas of little details you need to accomplish.
  • Break big goals down into small manageable steps so it feels less daunting.
  • Make it a point to read more material that will help. Check out my book, “How Smart Women Achieve Big Goals: Motivation To Focus And Follow Through With Your Life Dreams.” It is filled with valuable information and can give you that nudge to you need to move ahead with your goals.

Goal Setting Steps In a Nutshell!

Goal Setting Steps #1

Brainstorm out all your goals. Write down an exhaustive list of them, and think big! You might decide to use some categories to help organize your thoughts.

If categories hinder your creativity, then don’t use them! Otherwise, you might choose the following categories:

  • Career Goals
  • Financial Goals
  • Health and Fitness Goals
  • Relationship Goals
  • Leisure and Recreation Goals

Goal Setting Steps #2

Prioritize which goals are the most important to get started with right now! Here are a few ways to do this. Choose one.

1. Rank all your goals starting with what is the most important. Write a “1” beside it, and so on.

2. Rate each goal on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the most important, and 10 being the least important.

3. Try giving each goal a date by which you’d seriously like to have it accomplished by.

These techniques, along with simply taking a few moments to seriously reflect on what is most urgent or important to get started with, should give you a good idea of which goals to pursue.


There really is no one answer to this question, as it is completely personal. It also depends on the time commitment and level of energy that each goal

requires. If your goals are quite simple, then you can pursue many at once. As they increase in complexity, it is natural that the number of goals that you can focus on at once would decrease. So just keep that in mind.

Goal Setting Steps #3

Break each of your goals down into a series of action steps. You might do this on a large sticky note, and post it up on your wall or bulletin board.

Keep the action steps in a visible place, where you are constantly reminded of what steps you need to take! Break the goal down into many mini steps so that it is easy for you to take action on a consistent basis!

Goal Setting Steps #4

Give your goal a deadline. Take the time to seriously decide when you’d like to have accomplished your goal. This is not a race, nor is the deadline meant to rush you into action. It is simply to get you to think about when you want to have achieved your goal by.

In addition, with your action lists, you should schedule those tasks into your calendar. Decide when you will do them, and stay committed. Again, use even more sticky notes or “to-do” lists to make sure that you complete the necessary actions to achieve your goal.

Goal Setting Steps #5

Remind yourself of your goals every day, or at least several times each week. So often we forget what our goals are, so we need to be like advertisers and influence ourselves to take action toward our goals.