How Yoga Helped Me Achieve My Goals

Prior to a few months ago, I never would have thought that an activity like yoga could help me to make important life changes. Yet just a few months ago, I began turning to yoga for not just a workout, – but as a way to minimize one of the more stressful times during my doctorate degree (preparing for my comprehensive exams!).




While yoga was in no way new to me, I suddenly felt that I was ready for a regular yoga routine, which turned out to be about three yoga sessions per week. In fact, this new routine was not difficult to commit to because after just a few yoga sessions I began to crave my yoga practice. I began to experience several benefits right away. First, I noticed that my internal reactions to stress, while quite normal in intensity, diminished vastly. It was like a loosening of a grip, or a process of being able to let go of any worries, trepidations, or over-attachments to my thoughts. It was not that I suddenly took my work less seriously, but I just lost the hasty reaction of allowing my mind to dig deeper into any negative thoughts.



A second basic benefit was that yoga presented me with a tangible time and place to go to when I was feeling crabby about my work or when I felt that sense of numbing boredom that would sometimes arise from working too much, on too many things. Doing a yoga practice allowed me to turn inward, a process that for me, doesn’t happen in any of my other vigorous workouts. If this turning inward process does occur, it is to a much smaller extent. Rather than being focused on my external world, regular yoga enabled me to withdraw, detach, and to focus on a calming place within that brought me a sense of equanimity. Some people had suggested to me that my “benefits” were due to exercise I was already doing at the time. However, I have spent a lifetime being a gym junkie, regular jogger and swimmer. I was already reaping the benefits of good str ess management from doing regular workouts of jogging, biking, and fitness classes 4-5 times a week. My new yoga routine however, presented me with an entirely new set of psychological benefits in addition to my regular fitness routines.



A third way yoga has been helpful to me is that it enabled me to become more intentional. My lifelong intention has always been to exercise first thing in the morning. Prior to my regular yoga practices, for the past several years, I’d intend on doing morning or early morning workouts, but either felt guilty for putting them before my work, or I would simply not have the motivation or energy upon waking to get up and exercise, first thing. Thus, I would usually exercise late afternoon or evening. The strange thing about the yoga was that suddenly, I was able to rise in the mornings, and somehow have the energy, or intentionality to follow through with exercising before my workday. While this might sound like a minor or trivial issue, it was a very pleasant surprise and addition to my lifestyle.  



A fourth benefit I experienced was a delightful shock. For many years I would talk about my desire to quit my addiction to coffee. I love coffee! However, I noticed over the years, tiny and subtle ways that I was becoming sensitive to my one, and sometimes two cups of daily coffee. I even read an entire book on the topic several years ago, but I think at some level I didn’t believe I could actually quit, or I believed that it would be too hard. Then, over the course of a few mornings, after my favourite cup of homemade coffee, I noticed that my head would hurt, I would become very fatigued, and feel unwell.  After a few days of this new awareness, one morning I spontaneously told myself that I was done with coffee. I was miraculously detached and withdrawn from my usual love affair with coffee. I was flabbergasted at how easy it was to suddenly not need, or want, my usual cup of coffee. It felt a bit like magic, but I’m telling you, this was no joke!  I attribute it to my yoga practice and the corresponding self-awareness, intentionality and energy that I gained from the practice. More than ever I became very in tune with the negative effects that coffee was having on me.


These are just a few of the ways in which yoga has helped me to achieve my goals and to make important life changes. The list of benefits is growing and soon I hope to share even more about my journey with yoga! I’m interested in hearing more about your own experiences with yoga and how it’s helped you to make changes in your life! Please write to me at

Goal Setting or Life Settling – The Choice Is Yours

Goal Setting or Life Settling – The Choice Is Yours

You’ve probably heard the saying by Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you’re right.” This is a little like that because you have a choice, and either way, one of them is going to happen. You can get busy with your goal setting and achievement or go ahead and settle for what life brings you.

When you think about it that way, it seems kind of silly, doesn’t it? You wouldn’t go through life letting other decisions be made for you, right? What you have for lunch, the next car you buy, or what you intend to wear to that next dinner party are not choices you would just let be made for you. In that case, why settle for what life decides to just deliver to you?

  • The only reason people often settle for accepting what life simply hands them is that it requires less effort.

Not only that, but some people actually tend to thrive on playing the victim role, and not accomplishing what you want in life can certainly make you feel like a victim. Okay, so everyone is human, and we all make mistakes; we can be forgiven for making a huge one like “life settling.” That is, until we are wise enough to wake up to this fact.

Now that you are hopefully aware of the fact that if you are not goal setting you are life settling, it’s time to put an end to making the wrong choice. Actually, it’s more like it’s time to stop letting the wrong choice be made for you. Get excited and motivated about goal setting and making major changes to your life by reading more of what I have to say in my book.

Tips for Goal Setting Steps

Businesswoman with  growth graph

Many women are goal oriented. This means that they have a driving force behind them that allows these women to get what they want. These women are set up for personal development goals. If you have sat up all night wondering about goal setting and achievement, then my book can help you out.
There are no set rules for setting goals, since all you need is an inquisitive mind and a passion to obtain them. This is not as easy as it sounds as those who have tried often fail. They fail because they have not followed their goal setting steps. Here are a few:

  • Independence – Women who are independent and forbid others to “take care” of them are the ones who meet their goals. They are strong-willed women who have found their way to success.
  • Struggles – Forget about life’s struggle; the one that has been holding you back all along because you are afraid to try. Getting away from the struggle can make you stronger in the long run.
  • Achievement – Success is knocking at your front door and always has been. The issue is that you just have not found it yet. Goal setting is the key to opening this door. All you need is the desire.

Don’t let failure hold you back from goal setting. This is the main reason why women don’t give it a chance to work for them. They end up giving up before it works for them. You’ll find ways to not give up in my book. Here are two main reasons:

  • Insecurity – Never feel like you are beneath anyone else as you are just as unique of an individual as anyone else.
  • Uncompassionate – You’re going to have to possess compassion before you are able to win big. Be a winner and jump at the chance.

Read my book today and discover a new you.

Moving Beyond the Limits of Goal Setting

Moving Beyond the Limits of Goal Setting

So you’ve gotten this far and now have to go on to the next step in the goal setting guide. These next steps are vital because once you’ve passed the beginning, there is no turning back. The purpose of my goal setting book is to get you to achieve your goals by moving through the steps.

The steps that are necessary for attaining your goals are very involved and require that you follow each one closely. You should not have to face burnout from goal setting if you follow the steps correctly. Here are some examples:

#1: Focus

You are going to want to focus on each goal that you have. It really doesn’t matter which one you choose first as long as you put emphasis on each one. Never try to follow all of them at once as you’ll become lost and lose your focus on them quickly.

#2: Think

There are many myths of goal setting, but you are going to have to think before you try to attain your goals. This type of thinking does not involve research but rather mind research that is able to lead you to completing them.

#3: Compassion

All of your goals should come with compassionate behaviour. There is no reason why compassion is left at the front door when trying to meet goals. This is very important to keep in mind as this will be your motivation to becoming a winner.

Don’t worry about stepping over boundaries when moving on to the next steps. This is going to happen and often times will. The goal setting guide is going to be your tour guide to success.

Try my book if you are worried about goal setting myths. You’ll see what holds people back and the root causes why. It’s going to help you.

Goal Setting and Achievement for Smart Women

What Smart Women Know About Infopreneurship

Smart women are everywhere. They are our educators, career representatives, and mothers. Most of all, they are successful. These women have taken their choices to the next level and have become very successful while doing so.

When trying to meet goals and achieve them, you must also be aware of how to do this. Many people don’t even think of this step in their journey. Here are a few samples of steps necessary to meet your goals:

  • Ambition – When you are ambitious, your goals are much easier to meet. This brings the excitement out while delivering the drive necessary to make these goals come true. You can utilize this in your current job or at home. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living as long as you are ambitious.
  • Clarity – Mental clarity is needed for anything that involves goals. Smart women know that it takes a clear mind to make things come true. It’s no fairy tale if you know exactly what you’re doing. Clarity brings justice to light while keeping you focused at all times.
  • Faith – You always have to have faith. This is something that smart women do not want to lose, as losing it can mean destroying all that you have come to be so far. Achievement for many smart women comes from having much faith.

Keep in mind that all three of these areas need to be taken advantage of, because they are vital to becoming the new infopreneurs in this world. You will have to be ready to take these on as they come, and you will be even more prepared after reading my book.

My book is able to make you see what areas of your life need the most help. It is an essential guide to becoming successful in today’s world.

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