Personal Goal Setting – How to Succeed

To be successful at personal goal setting requires that you know who you are and what you want. Do you have a personal vision or mission statement? Have you ever brainstormed your goals to know what is really important to you?

The most successful women ensure that they find a way to capture and keep track of all their big goals. Their personal goal setting is often driven by their passion for journalling, and simply choosing to invest in themselves, period!


Personal goal setting involves more than knowing how to instantly motivate yourself. Instant motivation might work short-term, but you also need to know how to change your limiting beliefs and behaviours for success to be possible in the long term.


Women who succeed in their personal goal setting have learned to harness the power of many other great tools such as visualization techniques, the law of attraction and effective time management, including how to beat procrastination


To truly go far with your personal goal setting, it’s imperative that you give yourself your own personal goal setting performance review, so that you know what you’ve improved and what needs more work!



Last but not least, successful women achieve their goals by learning how to increase their confidence, which helps them stay persistent over the long run. In addition, they are aware of how they will overcome the barriers that they inevitably run into.


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How to Instantly Motivate Yourself

How to instantly motivate yourself is a concern that many of us goal seeking women have on our minds. Here are some quick tips that always help me when I’m in need of instant motivation.


Instant Motivation Requires Starting with the End in Mind

1. Start with the end in mind. What is your ultimate vision that is guiding you and your decisions? What is the end result and long term goal that you are trying to achieve? I highly recommend that you sit down for a few hours and reflect on this. Gaining clarity on your ultimate vision will help to instantly motivate yourself when you need it.


What is the Instant Gratification to Pursuing Your Goal?

2. Do you know why you want your goal in this moment? Why do you want what you want now? How will you benefit in the next few days, week or month? What are your short-term rewards and satisfactions? In order to instantly motivate yourself you’ll want to make your reasons for wanting your goal as tangible as possible. What are your sources of positive motivation and negative motivation for the short-term?


Know Your Short Term and Long Term Motivations

3. Review both your short term and long term motivations behind your goal. When you combine both of these together, you will have a big enough “why” or “purpose” behind your goal and you will be unstoppable. Be sure to also review these reasons regularly, because your sources of motivation will change every few months or so.


Instantly Motivate Yourself by Having  a Plan

4. Do you have a plan on how to achieve your goal? Having a plan will account for almost 75% of your success. Knowing the many different options on how you could achieve your goal is another great way to instantly motivate yourself.  Star planning now by brainstorming what all your options are.


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