Workout Journal

Don’t be afraid to weigh yourself even if you know you’ve gained or lost too much weight. People who have lost weight, and kept it off admit to weighing in either daily, several times per week, or on a weekly basis, and recording this information in their workout journal.

What you write down becomes more real, and increases your awareness of your current state or conditioning. The act of writing information down forces you to pay attention to those details. Keeping an exercise notebook demands that you become accountable, and act on the information you record.

Use your notebook to track any of your fitness and dieting goals! It’s a great place to brainstorm any of your ideas. Whether you need motivation for working out every day! or even if you are in need of early morning exercise motivation, your workout journal can help you!

The Workout Journal Demands Your Accountability!

Writing things down in your notebook prevents you from becoming ignorant. Ignorance is of no use. Imagine if you did this with your bank accounts? Ok, ok, – we’ve all done this with our bank accounts too. But what happens if you avoid checking your bank account balance for too long? You lose control of how you are spending your money, and before you know it, it’s gone!


When you live in ignorance, you lack control of that which you are ignorant of!

The same thing applies to knowing our weight, or tracking our progress with our workout routines.


If you are not tracking, you are probably slacking!

Use your notebook to pay attention to those variables (e.g., weight, body fat, muscle, food eaten, amount of water drank, etc) that are important to you. People who achieve their muscle gain or fat loss goals, track the frequency of their workouts, weight lifting repetitions, sets and weight lifted. Remember, those goals which you focus on, and track your progress with, will manifest themselves much easier.

Use A Fitness Template to Keep Track of Your Exercises

Your workout journal can take many different forms. You might create a 3 ring binder, and create your own sheets, or download a fitness tracking template, – many of which can easily be found by doing a search on Google.

You could also use a pocket-size notebook that you can easily bring with you to the gym when you go to workout. Or, you might even want to record information on a large calendar. Whatever works for you. The key is to find some system that you can put in place and rely on.

A Workout Journal as Your Fitness Coach / Mentor

When you ‘fall off the boat’, your notebook is something that you can go back to, to remind yourself of what worked in the past. Having said this, use your notebook as a place to jot down what you prefer, what is working versus not working, and so on.

The more you capture about your evolving fitness journey, the more you can learn from your workout experiences. Use your notebook to work through your fitness goals, which will help you with all the barriers you encounter as you achieveg and maintain your fitness and dieting goals.

Recording your progress and experiences in your notebook is very motivating, as you can return to it, over and over again, and rely on your own personal, insights that have worked for you.

By having a workout journal, you will have a concrete record with detailed documents of your workout history. When you return to this workout journal, it can be quite comforting having a tangible piece of your previous experiences with you.

This is especially reassuring when you have dropped the ball on your workouts, or if it’s been a long time since you worked out. Having a notebook to remind yourself of what worked, is motivation, BIG TIME!

It’s a great place to keep track of powerful perspectives on fitness motivation, and a great place to create your own perspectives that develop over time.

Think of your workout journal as a personal map. It is a map that you can return to, time after time again, that will show you the way toward your fitness goals.

You’ve ‘been there’ in the past perhaps, or close, and you darn well better keep a record of how you got there, in the event that you need to get there again, or should you want to improve your methods or routines.

Your workout journal is similar to a repeatable system of instructions for how to achieve your fitness goals. It is a journal that offers hope, workout inspiration, and comfort. Our workout journal instills in us the confidence and courage to continue on with our goals.

Keeping a notebook with our ideas is like having a mentor or coach who knows us well, and can provide us with a nudge as we need it. I used my journal to create several different motivational perspectives that have enhanced my weekend workout inspiration! And now, I can return to this part of my journal over and over again to stay motivated with my weekend workouts!


A Workout Journal Captures Your Ideas

Your workout journal is a great place to capture your ideas for how you want to improve your workouts or exercise routines. By writing down your ideas, you are telling your subconscious mind that those ideas are important, and you are more likely to act on those ideas / plans.

Capturing your ideas will only give you even more workout inspiration, as you begin to solidify a program or routines that work for you.

Journalling for Women

If someone were to ask me when my life began to change, here is what I would answer – my life began to change the day I bought a journal. It sounds so simple, and in fact it is. I had no idea that the day I bought my journal, would be the day my life really began to change. The day I bought my journal was the first day of a massive roller-coaster ride of personal growth. And once you get on, you don’t want to get off. It’s like an addiction I might say. There really is no telling what your future could hold for you. I guess that’s the exciting part of it all. You’ve probably heard the thought that we choose our own destiny. Well – writing in a journal only speeds up the whole process.


If you ask me, I don’t know what could be more therapeutic at times than writing in a journal!


When I refer to journalling, I don’t mean you just write out what you did that day, or what he or she said. It’s not that you can’t do that – it’s just that that’s not the purpose.


When I speak about journalling or writing I am speaking of major personal transformation and total transcendence on some level. It’s a transcendence that takes you to a whole new level in this so called game of life. The kind of writing I’m speaking about isn’t something you learn in writing 101. In fact, it’s not really something you learn – it’s something you do.


The writing is an overflow from within, and becomes an extension from the heart – the place that knows total truth. Writing does not lie. Writing brings out the truth, and nothing but the truth, as scary as it might be. To write is to listen. And to listen is to find. Is this not what we all want? To find ourselves? Getting to know one’s self is a lifelong journey, a journey full of life-long complexities.


Journalling aids us in sorting through these complexities and mass confusions. Once you get all this stuff down on paper, life becomes a whole lot easier. In some respects at least, – believe me.


Writing opens up new realms of possibility, and new ways of thinking. There’s no one judging when you write. Only you.


As you begin the journey of self-exploration on paper, you feel total nakedness. You feel total vulnerability. Writing isn’t always easy. No one said it was easy. It takes nerve to be able to explore the unknown realms of yourself.


As you begin to understand yourself, you begin to understand the world around you, and ultimately where you fit in.


Sometimes when we feel we need guidance and help – we feel we should turn to the outer world. We believe in this notion or misconception that the answers are somewhere out there. One of the breakthroughs in writing comes when you realize that all the answers are inside yourself. It’s up to you though to go inside and find them. Unleash your answers. Find the truth and as they say – the truth shall set you free.


One of the first things you will learn as you write, is that you have choices in life. We’ve all heard before that we have choices. It’s as if we’ve heard it so many times before, that we no longer understand the phrase for what it truly means.


As you write, your focus is channelled into that which you are writing. You are totally tuned in to what’s being explored on paper. Your inner essence. As we write, the business of our own lives is lost. We are totally present to the moment, and we are now fully able to live in the moment.


Writing allows us to focus our energies on what is going on inside our crazy, busy brains. Sometimes it’s not really a manner of understanding something – but it’s a manner of expressing something. Writing allows you to do this very well.


In a nutshell, I think writing allows us to get our thoughts out of our heads, and on to paper, so that we can move onto the next thought. It allows us to deal with this lesson, and to then move onto the next. Perhaps what one person may take a year to explore or find, you can discover in one evening of writing.


Writing allows you to connect with your dreams and follow your heart. Writing is not only a means to an end, but is a lifelong journey.


The expression of writing into a journal is like conversing with your best friend.  It listens forever, and does not judge your remarks. It simply reflects back to you what’s going on inside of you. Some of the best therapists simply reflect back to the client, what the client has already been expressing. And when we write – that’s what we do. We reflect on our feelings and our thoughts.