Moving Beyond the Limits of Goal Setting

Moving Beyond the Limits of Goal Setting

So you’ve gotten this far and now have to go on to the next step in the goal setting guide. These next steps are vital because once you’ve passed the beginning, there is no turning back. The purpose of my goal setting book is to get you to achieve your goals by moving through the steps.

The steps that are necessary for attaining your goals are very involved and require that you follow each one closely. You should not have to face burnout from goal setting if you follow the steps correctly. Here are some examples:

#1: Focus

You are going to want to focus on each goal that you have. It really doesn’t matter which one you choose first as long as you put emphasis on each one. Never try to follow all of them at once as you’ll become lost and lose your focus on them quickly.

#2: Think

There are many myths of goal setting, but you are going to have to think before you try to attain your goals. This type of thinking does not involve research but rather mind research that is able to lead you to completing them.

#3: Compassion

All of your goals should come with compassionate behaviour. There is no reason why compassion is left at the front door when trying to meet goals. This is very important to keep in mind as this will be your motivation to becoming a winner.

Don’t worry about stepping over boundaries when moving on to the next steps. This is going to happen and often times will. The goal setting guide is going to be your tour guide to success.

Try my book if you are worried about goal setting myths. You’ll see what holds people back and the root causes why. It’s going to help you.