The Smart Woman Guide to Dreams, Passion & Purpose

The Smart Woman Guide to Dreams, Passion & Purpose

Want to know the most important key to having success with your dreams, passion, and purpose? Here’s a hint—it also happens to be the most obvious! The truth is that simply making it a point to follow your dreams, passion, and purpose practically guarantees you success.

Think about it. All the effort and time you invest into being a great professional candidate for some other company could be going towards your own dreams, passion, and purpose. You could be a successful employee for some other organization so they can become successful, or you can invest all of that energy into what you really want to do with your life.

  • It almost sounds too easy and too good to be true.

That’s because we’re taught from a young age to have a plan for our career but rarely encouraged for that career to be working for yourself as your own boss. Maybe you aren’t there yet. Maybe, in fact, you are so far from there you feel like you can’t even see it on the horizon from where you’re floating off in the distance farther and farther from shore.

  • So, it starts right now.

You don’t have to waste another minute focusing on helping someone else or some other company be more successful and profitable. Smart women know it begins with even just taking out a piece of scrap paper and writing out what you feel your dreams, passion, and purpose are.

Just scribble notes, ideas, or random thoughts. No matter how silly some of them may seem, make it a point not to edit yourself. What you have is your potential dreams, passion, and purpose on paper, and now you can begin to pursue them. When you read my book, you will begin to see the next steps to take to reach those goals, begin to earn income with your passion too.

Dreams, Passion & Purpose All Start with Goal Setting

Dreams, Passion & Purpose All Start with Goal SettingEveryone has a purpose in life. These purposes vary; there are some women that become custodians and there are others that become doctors. It’s all about the passion and the motivation that directs you to particular areas in your life. These are locations that have one thing in common, and that is goal setting.

If goal setting has been plaguing you for some time and you are not able to do it let alone come up with a master plan, then reading my book may be able to help you get one step further. Here is what you can achieve by following steps for goal setting:

  • Careers – Are you where you should be at in your career? More than likely, if you’re reading this, then you are probably not. Let your goals drive you towards a new career and be who you are supposed to be.
  • Love – Love can be a nasty four letter word or it can mean the happiest that you have ever been in your life. Don’t let it bother you; all you need to do to find it is to become goal driven. Personal development for women starts with and ends with love.
  • Success – By the time you read this, you will be on your way to success. Don’t look back on those difficult times. Think of today as a new day—a day that you will remember for the rest of your life all because you started setting goals.

Remember that all you need to start living is three things:

  1. Dreams
  2. Passion
  3. Purpose

By reading my book, you will incorporate these three things into your daily lives. They will make you re-think the way you have been living, and you’ll be able to start over anew.

Passion & Purpose – The Results of Goal Setting

Passion & Purpose – The Results of Goal Setting

The idea is that you should never have to settle for less than your passion and your purpose—ever. No exceptions. Anyone willing to put a little effort into goal setting and motivation can find, pursue, and live their dream. In truth, following your passion and living your dream is the direct result of goal setting.

Just as we should be breaking down big goals into smaller goals, it is also important to break down the overview of what the results of our goal setting is. If you think about it, you can probably see some of the direct results from your goal setting and achievement every day. Here are some examples of the results you can experience:

  • Sense of joy and accomplishment – Even if your goal was just to make it to the gym today, you can feel so much better when you follow through with it.
  • Put things in perspective – Your goals may look big; larger than life in fact. Breaking them down into smaller goals and accomplishing them is the best way to feel as though your big goals are obtainable.
  • Remind yourself of your passion and purpose – It can become easy to get lost along the way, especially if you have a demanding personal life that needs your TLC too. Goal setting and achievement will help you stay focused, stay on track, and see things through until the end.

It would be great if everyone simply got to live the life they were intended to live if their passion and purpose was delivered to them as if owed to them. However, everything worth having is worth working hard for and fighting for. My book will give you even more insight into not only how to set goals for your passion and purpose but also how to see ahead to the end results.

Goal Setting Can Make It Easy to Follow Your Passion

Goal Setting Can Make It Easy to Follow Your PassionPassion is what makes most of us successful. If your passion has ever caused you to take control, then you are a great candidate for my book. It is why most people go from unsuccessful to successful in their lifetime. Inside the pages, you’ll find goal setting steps. Here are a few that you’ll be able to take advantage of:

  • Passion – If you follow your passion, it can happen. Women, who step up to the plate, end up becoming more successful than those who do not. It’s common sense.
  • Control – Today’s woman is one who is in control. If this sounds like you, then you are more than likely a picture of achievement for women all over the world. The reason you got so far was your control methods.
  • Dream – If your life dreams were to be a woman who is able to be on her own, hold down a good job, and live a healthy lifestyle, then my book has done its job.

Women who end up not following their passions are the ones who complain about life the most. Think of the last time you had a conversation with someone at work. They more than likely complained about how their lives were going nowhere fast, and you probably thought the opposite of that. There’s no reason why they need to feel like that; here are a few things to look out for:

  • Stress – Don’t let the stress of life get to you. All you need to do is remove yourself from it in order to feel better.
  • Goals – There are necessary steps for goal setting, and you can obtain them even if you don’t think that you can.

If you are looking to change your lifestyle, then buy my book and challenge yourself to begin a new lifestyle.

Secret Ingredient to Publishing 3 Books in 1 Year

As a first year Ph.D student, I am a very busy woman. Nevertheless, I managed to publish 3 books this year.  People ask me, – “how did you find time to do that this year when you are already so busy?”


Regardless of what your goals are – I can’t underscore the following point –


The most important ingredient to achieving your big goals is not will power.


Don’t get me wrong, of course there was lots of hard work involved in the planning, writing and publishing of my books.


What’s more important though, is discovering what your passion is. The secret is to get in touch with your life purpose.  My personal experience and research have taught me that once you know what excites you and interests you, then you can begin clarifying what you want to write about.


If you can’t identify what your passions are, be sure to try my free online goal setting program to brainstorm your interests, and to prioritize which interests are most important to you.


In a nutshell, I was able to publish three books in one year, simply because I know what I’m passionate about, and I have a clear vision of what I’m trying to achieve with my life purpose. Indeed, this is an over-simplified answer, but it’s the most important element to being able to accomplish your writing goals, or any other goal for that matter.


Without passion, there is little to no energy and enthusiasm. If you have big goals for yourself, you’ll need a lot of energy and excitement to make it happen. When you’re full of zeal and high off the prospects of what you hope to offer the world, you won’t think of the accomplishment of your goals as something that has required tons of will power.


Despite being a full-time Ph.D student and having many tasks on my plate, I am able to accomplish so much with my writing because it’s always in the forefront of my mind. Given my passion for psychology – I am constantly inundated with ideas, insights and plans for what I want to communicate with others.


I am writing outlines on my phone, conducting research as I find a few extra spare minutes here and there. When you’re passionate about something, the actual action and doing is something that seems to flow with ease. Yes, planning and will power have its time and place. But when you’re working on a goal that excites you, it doesn’t always feel like hard work.


Hard work and will power only takes a person so far in their endeavours. It won’t be enough to pick you up after failure. It won’t motivate you to keep moving forward in the dark. It won’t motivate you to be your personal best. It won’t keep you resilient against other peoples’ criticisms. It’s your dream, vision and personal passion that will be the driving force behind keeping you committed to the accomplishment of your goals.


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