Affirmations for Healthy Eating and Exercising

Here is just a small collection of my favourite affirmations for healthy eating and exercising.  These are some good examples of healthy affirmations, however the goal is to create your own. State your affirmations in the positive tense, i.e., of what you want to happen. Once you have a list of affirmations, you should read them every single day, either early in the morning or right before bed. Ideally, you should try recording them so that you can listen to them as an audio recording.

This might sound a little crazy to some people, however, if you haven’t tried it, you’ll be surprised at how it can make a difference.  Think about advertisers and how cannily and repeatedly they present their messages to us. And, over time, we start to believe that we need their product. So, why not advertise your own beliefs to yourself? Create your own personal advertisements for how you want to live your own life!

Here is a list of 20 affirmations. Adopt, adapt or create your own affirmations!

20 Affirmations for Healthy Eating and Exercising

  1. I always eat small portions when I am dining out.
  2. I always take the time to prepare healthy dinners because it makes me feel full of vitality.
  3. I always take the time to prepare healthy dinners when I arrive home from work because it makes me feel on top of my world.
  4. Even on weekends, I love sticking to structured meals and snack times, always choosing healthy foods because it makes me feel good about myself.
  5. I limit my indulgences to special occasions.
  6. If and when I am tempted to snack after dinner I always choose fruits or vegetables.
  7. I am always in bed by 10:00pm so that I can wake up for an early morning workout.
  8. I always exercise five times per week for at least 30 minutes for each session.
  9. Exercising always makes me feel happy, healthy and alive.
  10. Exercising keeps my energy, confidence and positive attitude strong.
  11. I am addicted to exercising, and I always find time to exercise.

  12. Exercise keeps me lean and trim and allows me to wear fitted clothes that make me look and feel like a million bucks!
  13. My muscles are strong, lean, defined and sexy.
  14. I work all of my muscle groups at least once per week and this keeps my figure tight and defined.
  15. I change my workouts every month to ensure that I’m having the most fun and that my muscles are being challenged to the max.
  16. I never give up on my health goals. There is no such thing as failure for me.
  17. Every day I am moving closer and closer to my goal.
  18. Every day and every week I am constantly learning new tips and tricks to enhance and protect my lean figure.
  19. Eating healthy and exercising nurtures my heart and soul.
  20. Being health conscientious gives me a competitive advantage in my career and life pursuits.

The Power of Belief Systems

When was the last time you examined your belief systems and whether or not they’re helping or hindering your success in life?

Here is a great video by Bob Proctor that demonstrates the important role that belief systems play in your life success. Click here -> Bob Proctor talks about our Belief Systems

There are many different ways to think about your belief systems. Review the following ways of thinking to determine which of these ways of thinking are holding you back with respect to your life goals. Write your limiting beliefs on paper so you can replace them with new beliefs.

  • beliefs
  • justifications
  • excuses
  • reasons
  • thoughts
  • stories
  • rules
  • pessimistic thoughts
  • ideals
  • mental script
  • analogies
  • social norms
  • values
  • evidence
  • expectations
  • schemas
  • quotes
  • narratives
  • mental thought cycles/patterns
  • mental pictures
  • philosophies
  • questions
  • assumptions
  • standards
  • perfectionistic thoughts
  • comparisons
  • visualizations
  • metaphors
  • aphorisms/maxims
  • clichés
  • myths
  • catchy phrases
  • negative associations
  • negative memories
  • personal intentions
  • mental scenery
  • similes, idioms, or puns
  • worries
  • limiting or lack of knowledge
  • perspective
  • messages received
  • family beliefs
  • morals
  • images
  • media messages
  • fears
  • self-criticisms
  • mental “blueprint”
  • conditioned thoughts
  • motivations
  • attempting to prove…
  • past failures
  • self-talk
  • affirmations
  • any other ways of thinking or cognitions