Personal Goal Setting – How to Succeed

To be successful at personal goal setting requires that you know who you are and what you want. Do you have a personal vision or mission statement? Have you ever brainstormed your goals to know what is really important to you?

The most successful women ensure that they find a way to capture and keep track of all their big goals. Their personal goal setting is often driven by their passion for journalling, and simply choosing to invest in themselves, period!


Personal goal setting involves more than knowing how to instantly motivate yourself. Instant motivation might work short-term, but you also need to know how to change your limiting beliefs and behaviours for success to be possible in the long term.


Women who succeed in their personal goal setting have learned to harness the power of many other great tools such as visualization techniques, the law of attraction and effective time management, including how to beat procrastination


To truly go far with your personal goal setting, it’s imperative that you give yourself your own personal goal setting performance review, so that you know what you’ve improved and what needs more work!



Last but not least, successful women achieve their goals by learning how to increase their confidence, which helps them stay persistent over the long run. In addition, they are aware of how they will overcome the barriers that they inevitably run into.


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Law of Attraction

What exactly is the Law of Attraction (LOA) all about? It’s not just about asking, believing and receiving.

Don’t get me wrong, those are important steps, and they have their place in how achievement works, however, they are pretty general steps to give someone.

In fact, many people simply think of the LOA as really hokey. However, I’m certain that I know what the Law of Attraction is really about, and it’s quite powerful. Here it is…


Law of Attraction Boils Down to Action



This principle is simply another way of understanding that, in order to achieve success, one must consistently take actions to continue “attracting” their good fortunes.

With each action step that you take toward a goal, you get feedback from the universe. Your actions tell you what is working, and what is not working.

There is always some trial and error involved, and in doing so, you learn new, practical information that assists you in achieving your goals.

You learn things that you didn’t even know that you didn’t know. You come across new resources, you meet new people, and discover new opportunities.

Essentially you find, or rather, “attract” tons of little gold nuggets in disguise along the way.

Attracting success is simply a matter of being so focused on our goal-oriented actions that we can’t help but notice all the things along the way that will help bring us more success.

When you know what you want, and you take action and go after it, you constantly “attract”, notice or stumble upon the opportunities that will be valuable to you.

As you take action and unlock one door, a few more new and undiscovered doors open for you. Every time you take action toward your goals you gain clarity on what your next step might be.

Your focus and your committment to action are the driving forces behind the LOA.


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Develop Systems, Habits and Routines for Action

So, your job, is make sure that you have consistent actions in place to work toward your goal.

Develop a system, a routine or a habit that will make taking action easy and automatic for you. This is the key.

If you build this momentum, then you will have the Law of Attraction working like crazy for you.

My advice to you, is the find the lowest common denominator of action that you can take every day, week, or month, that will move you closer to your goals. Start anywhere. Jump on the bandwagon and get some momentum.

Develop a schedule of actions that you can stick to. This is no different than the habits you put in place for your fitness goals, your health goals, or your financial goals.

Slow and steady does it – consistently putting one foot in front of the other, moving forward bit by bit.

My saying is: One step a day is the only way!.

So, there you have it, the Law of Attraction demystified. If you want to attract your dreams, goals and desires, it all boils down to taking action.

Take action. Do something. Keep doing it. Move yourself forward and get the law of attraction in full gear for you!

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