More Important than HOW you Write Down Your Goals….


Time and time again, when we hear about goal setting we hear about the SMART acronym and other rules for how to write down our goals. It’s become a bit trite if you ask me….


Writing our goals down on paper is extremely important, but the detailed rules are less important.


In fact, I even have my own formula for how to write your goals down with spirit, simply because there are a few tips that might slightly increase the chances of you achieving those goals.


But what’s even more important than how you write down your goals? The key is being able to take consistent action toward your goals on a daily basis.


You can spend hours and hours on writing down your goals, editing them and even reading them over and over again, but until you can find ways to take concrete steps toward your goals nothing will materialize for you.


Once you can build some momentum in getting closer and closer to your goals, this will probably be one of the most motivating factors ever with your goal achievement.


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Goals Present Tense


Why write your goals in the present tense? There are a few key benefits and reasons why people write their goals in the present tense.


1. First, the statement becomes more believable, because you are adding in the pronoun “I”.  This creates a sense of personal ownership each time you read your goal aloud and it starts to feel more and more real, and believable to you. The more you believe in your goal, the more action steps you’ll take to turn your goal into reality.


2. A second reason for writing our goals in the present tense is because our brain doesn’t recognize the differences in tenses of past, present and future. It responds best and immediately to messages of the present, right now. For instance, if you state, “I will raise a happy, healthy and cohesive family that loves each other”, compare that to saying, “I am in the process of raising a happy, healthy and cohesive family that loves each other.” Which statement feels better and more active?  The “I am in the process” is a great technique that Michael Losier teaches in his Law of Attraction seminars.


3. A third reason or benefit of writing goals in the present tense is that when you read these goals you end up with an image or visual picture of your goal. The subconscious brain works best and is motivated very well by pictures. This is why we are constantly being told to create a vision board. Be sure to read my tips on how you can easily visualize your goals. I believe that using pictures of your goals is even more important than writing down your goals. However, you can experiment for yourself to see what works best for you.


In Addition to Writing Your Goals Down in Present Tense…


There are other rules on how to write down your goals, and there are other teachings such as the SMART acronym that you can follow, however, it is important that you realize that the how behind achieving goals is not heavily rooted on how you write your goals down. There are much more important things to keep in mind.


For instance – ask successful people what they attribute their goal to – is it because they wrote every single one of their goals down in the present tense? No.  Ask someone why they failed to achieve one of their life goals. Do you think it could be traced back to failure of how they wrote down their goal? Highly unlikely, as there are many more important things that a person needs to focus on in order to achieve their life goals.


So what are some of these important items you ask? For starters, do you have goals that empower you and excite you so much that you’ll get up at 6am to work on them? Knowing who you are and which goals are best aligned with you is one of the most important things to consider in achieving your goals.  Big goals are rarely accomplished based on discipline, but rather they are accomplished out of a person’s passion to get started.


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