The Book

How Smart Women Achieve Big Goals:

Motivation to Focus and Follow Through with Your Life Dreams

By Allison Foskett


“This book shows you how to develop clarity and focus, move ahead faster, and accomplish more of your goals than you ever thought possible.”

~Brian Tracy, best-selling author of The Psychology of Achievement, over 500 audio and video learning programs, and 52 books.

“Multi-tasking and distracted women everywhere yearn for simplicity and for the ability to focus on their goals and ambitions. Allison’s book is timely. You will uncover the secret to achieving your dreams and discover that goal setting is a unique and personal process.”

~Fran Hewitt, International bestselling author, The Power of Focus for Women

How Women can Learn and Benefit

  • Find out why it’s so important to think and dream big in order to achieve long lasting success
  • Discover what’s preventing you from dreaming big and pursuing your life goals
  • Move forward with your goals despite being insanely busy
  • Learn the real reason why goal setting is beneficial and how it actually enhances your life and well-being
  • Create your own goal setting language so that you can program yourself to get excited about achieving your goals
  • Learn how the SMART acronym to goal setting is only half of the success equation and what you can do about it
  • Realize how other people’s rules might be slowing down your goal setting and achievement efforts, and how to move past this so that you are unstoppable!
  • Discover the goal setting “rules” that smart women challenge in order to propel their goals forward and gain momentum
  • Learn about the benefits of writing down your goals and how it maximizes your chances for success
  • Understand how successful women capture, validate and organize their big goals over time to prevent lost and unrealized dreams
  • Give yourself permission to dream big in all areas of your life and think with no limits to ensure you get in touch with what is most important to you
  • Recharge your dreams and prioritize which goals deserve your attention right now!
  • Receive effective and creative time management strategies that are guaranteed to keep busy women focused on their goals and following through regardless of their circumstances!
  • Learn the secret ingredients that are even more important than how you write your goal down!
  • Receive the best motivation tips that keep smart women focused on moving forward with their goals no matter what!
  • Eliminate the difficulty of achieving your big goals and discover how you can make it easy for yourself
  • Apply the scientific stages of change theory and goal setting achievement to your efforts to ensure that no matter what, you’ll follow through with your goals
  • Ignite your motivation and discipline more than you ever thought possible by applying the new science behind personal change and motivation
  • Discover the two mindsets that motivate women the most to get into action and stay in action until they achieve their goals
  • Learn why and how negative thinking is one of the most powerful tools that can move you from stagnant to unstoppable
  • Reignite your lost spark of passion for living a life that’s beyond your wildest dreams!
  • Figure out how coming to terms with your present situation can jump start your personal motivation and get you into action
  • Discover what must happen psychologically in order to become fully committed to your goals
  • Get rid of any ambivalent feelings that stand between you and your goals
  • Find out why most people who jump into action right away with their goals fail, and what you can do to avoid this
  • Understand the reasons why the ‘New Year’ might be the worst time of the year to set and accomplish your goals
  • Learn why willpower is not the answer to keeping yourself motivated and achieving success
  • Realize the scary secrets about your mind and how they might be holding you back from living your dreams
  • Get lessons from sports psychology and how they can enhance your daily performance for life
  • Program yourself with the beliefs and habits that will guarantee you automatic success in the long run
  • Figure out how to turn your achievement efforts that used to require willpower into actions that will unfold automatically and with great ease!
  • Get the four step plan that will allow you to break through any barrier, even when it seems impossible to break through
  • Receive three secrets that will ensure you follow through with your goals regardless of what your circumstances are, and regardless of how successful you’ve been in the past



You will Discover:

  • A unique step-by-step goal-setting, achievement and motivation process that will help you construct personalized mindsets, beliefs, feelings and behaviours that ensure you will follow-through with any ambition.
  • Over 100 creative, dynamic questions that will assist you in the intricate process of developing and maintaining your own motivation for life!
  • Clarify which goals are the most powerful and important to you so that you follow through with your goals at all costs
  • Remove feelings of ‘uncertainty’, ‘scatteredness’, or being blocked, confused, or limited by your own negative beliefs and attitudes.
  • An easy-to-follow, goal setting and motivation process that you’ll love because of it’s simplicity and ease
  • A fool-proof, fun, and easy to use visual layout for your goals that makes it impossible to abandon your goals!
  • Discover a step by step system based on the scientific stages of change, that allows your goals to constantly evolve rather than dissolve into lost dreams and memories.
  • Set your goals into a consistently evolving motion, rather than buying into the myth that your life transforms overnight
  • The single most powerful secret to solving any problem or barrier that you will run into with your goals.
  • Make the process of achieving your goals joyful, easy and convenient!

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